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J�NIUS / JUNE, 2012.

Ifj�s�gi tal�lkoz� Clevelandban / Youth Conference in Cleveland, May 25-27, 2012.

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AKTU�LIS  /  LATEST NEWS / 2011. �prilis k�zep�n:

Tavaszi Ifj�s�gi Tal�lkoz�:  M�JUS 27-29,  DETROIT
Mindenkit szeretettel v�runk.


GYERMEK �S IFJ�S�GI T�BOR: J�lius 4-10, R�MA

Őszi Ifj�s�gi Tal�lkoz�:  Okt�ber 7-9. CHICAGO


Kedves fiatalok!

A chicag�i ifj�s�gi tal�lkoz�n (2006. m�jus 27-�n) megv�lasztott�tok Gerstner Korn�lt az ifi sz�v eln�k�nek, egy �vre. Keress�k a m�dj�t annak, hogyan tehetn�nk hasznosabb�, �rdekesebb� sz�motokra ezt a web oldalt. Nem csoda, ha a lap szerkesztőj�nek nem siker�l - nem a ti koroszt�lyotokb�l val�. De sz�vesen adn�nk helyet a ti munk�toknak is. Vagy hozzatok l�tre magatoknak egy internetes oldalt, mi, �regebbek nem vessz�k azt sem rossz n�ven. Abban az esetben ezt az oldalt l�nyegesen leszűkiten�nk, s hozz�tok ir�ny�tan�nk olvas�inkat.
Korn�lt sz�vesen veszi gondolataitokat. �rj�tok meg neki.
a szerkeszt�nek, E-mailen: 

A chicag�i tal�lkoz�r�l egy�bk�nt nem k�ldtetek �lm�nybesz�mol�kat. M�g megtehetitek, a k�vetkező sz�m 2 h�t m�lva k�sz�l. Addig v�rom �r�saitokat. F�nyk�pem van, b�r j� k�pet mindig sz�vesen fogadok.


2005 okt�ber�ben az �szak Amerikai Magyar Baptist�k New Yorkban ifjus�gi tal�lkoz�ra j�ttek �ssze. A sz�vets�gnek az akkori aleln�ke, Gerstner Korn�l, r�viden, de hat�rozottan felhozott egy �tletet, amiről sz� volt kor�bbi magyarorsz�gi utaz�sa sor�n. A Magyar Baptista Ifjus�gi Sz�vets�ggel, pontosabban annak eln�k�vel, Durk� Istv�nnal tal�lkozott, �s sz�ba j�tt, hogy 2006 nyar�n k�zvetlen a MABAVIT III. előtt kellene tartani egy nemzetk�zi Magyar Baptista Ifjus�gi Nagyt�bort. Nem szabad mindenkinek a nev�ben besz�lnem, de szem�lyesen akkor a New York-i imah�z egyik padj�ban �lve, magamban azt gondoltam, hogy j� lenne, de biztos neh�z lenne megszervezni �s �sszehozni, lehet, hogy nem lesz belőle semmi. De lett!
      Vas�rnap d�lut�nt�l p�ntek d�lig folyamatosan �rkeztek ujabb �s ujabb r�sztvevők a Debrecen k�zel�ben levő Dorcas Centerbe. Tal�n 700-an is voltunk egy-egy ponton a h�t folyam�n.

Az amerikai fiatalok szolg�lnak a Dork�s Centerben, Gerstner Korn�l ifj�s�gi eln�k vezet�s�vel

      Isten meg�ldott minden egyes r�sztvevőt, volt sok alkalom az egym�ssal val� tal�lkoz�sra, de arra is megadott minden lehetős�get, hogy Őhozz� is k�zelebb ker�lj�nk valamennyien. T�bbek k�z�tt Szenczy S�ndor, T�th S�ndor, Veres Efraim, Durk� Istv�n, �s Dan L�szl� hirdett�k az ig�t a fiatalok k�z�tt. Napi k�t vagy h�rom alkalma volt mindenkinek, hogy ak�r a zen�n, az �h�taton, a csoportos besz�lget�seken, vagy �ppen egy igehirdet�s �ltal nyerjen lelki kincseket. T�bben ott fogadt�k el az �r J�zus Krisztust, mint szem�lyes megv�lt�jukat, voltak, akik k�zelebb ker�lhettek Hozz�.
      Ha hissz�k, hogy az im�nak van ereje, akkor szeretn�k egy imat�m�t aj�nlani az olvas�knak. Előrel�that�lag 2007 nyar�n a R�mai T�borban egy k�t hetes ifj�s�gi t�bor lesz �sszehozva, amire Magyarorsz�gr�l fiatalok meg lesznek, sőt m�r meg is vannak h�va. Term�szetesen nem 700 fiatalr�l van sz�, lehet, hogy 100-r�l sem, de a fontos az, hogy azok, akik majd r�szt vesznek, �rezz�k Isten jelenl�t�t �s hogy a vend�geknek maradjanak majd olyan eml�keik, mint amilyenek a Debreceni Nagyt�borb�l maradtak minden �szak-amerikai fiatalnak, aki ott lehetett.
Csercsa Tam�s


2006. j�lius 30 - augusztus 4

A magyarorsz�gi vend�gl�t�k web oldala:


What a weekend with showers of blessings. God always amazes me! Thank you Detroit church for helping us and giving so sacrificially! This weekend was a team work, and each of you was a crucial team member. Thanks for this unforgettable weekend!
      Many young people were able to come and share this special event from all over the United States. 14 people came from Chicago, 1 from California, 5 from New York, 3 from Cleveland, 5 from Florida, 2 from Virginia, 5-8 young people from Detroit. The main theme for the weekend was "faith". We talked about it, prayed together, studied the Scripture, and have been trying to put it into practice. God has opened his showers of blessing in many ways; here are just a few testimonies of how the Almighty has revealed Himself to us. Korry

Cikket k�ldtek: Gedeon Kiss (New York) /  Monica Miko (Detroit) / Laura I. Szalay (New York) / Rebecca Demeter (Chicago) /  Abigail Szabo (Chicago) / Veres Johanna (Cleveland)

Ready to go skiing

Detroit has become the favorite hotspot for the North American Hungarian Baptist Youth. About 40 of us flocked in on the weekend of Feb. 5-6 for a ski trip. We visited many of Detroit's major attractions that offered lots of fun.
      Among them was the Pap's family house where we all stayed and enjoyed lovely hospitality and boarding for the weekend. Every room served as a bedroom; the living room also served as our lounge, featuring movies, games, and even devotion consisting of preaching, praying, singing, and conversation.
      Saturday morning we went to the Alpine Valley Resort to hit the slopes and enjoy sliding down the hillside on skis, snowboards, snowshoes, and even on our faces in some cases. It was wholesome fun to make it all the way down without falling, but some major falling stunts turned out to be even more entertaining.
      On Sunday we drove to Detroit's next major attraction, The First Hungarian Baptist Church, where we shared in blessings through a short service and delicious Hungarian-American food that was followed by a good two-hour workout at the ice skating rink. There we discovered that we are by no means figure skaters; lucky for many of us the ice didn't break underneath us.
      When we concluded our little encounter with the ice rink, we were just a short drive away from our final destination of the weekend getaway and get together: the projection screen in the Miko family's living room. Reporters and bulky football players were projected on the screen in the midst of trainers, strategists, cheerleaders, officials, and fans as they excitedly prepared for the big game. The excitement in the living room spilled out into the kitchen and down to the basement where long tables were packed with trays of appetizers, food, and snacks for the fans and spectators. The basement also featured a ping-pong table that had drawn many of us around it to break us into a sweat.
      The central theme of our meeting, FAITH, was illustrated by a movie that featured Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in a clip where he took a leap of faith into the unknown, visually represented by an abyss that he had to pass through in order to save his father. Muttering the Scripture that was the key for crossing over to the other side, he stepped onto thin air and a bridge appeared underneath his feet that provided solid footing for crossing. My mind replayed God's wondrous provision for our Salvation, Jesus Christ, who bridged the gap between Him and mankind. That was the reason we were together in one Spirit. That made our weekend together all the more and memorable fun. "Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." Psalms 133:1      Gedeon Kiss, New York

Saturday night at the Pap's house before the youth meeting

Have you ever failed while attempting to do something? Did you try again? Did you settle in hopeless defeat? Perhaps, if you're like me there have been examples of both situations in your life. The question is what made the difference between the two scenarios?
      As youth from Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Florida and California gathered together for a well-planned ski trip in Detroit on February 4th to the 7th there were plenty of opportunities to see God address these issues. The focus was a crucial one: FAITH.
      A ski slope may have looked intimidating to the first-timers, understandably so, for some things we fear in life have real potential for hurt. Falling can be painful on our bodies and emotions. Brokenness may require serious time out for healing. If you were to watch these first time skiers step out on the glistening snow you would have noticed three commonalities they shared.
      First of all, they had a made up their mind to try. Sometimes we want God to help us stay the way we are. But these kids grabbed a handful of faith and were on their way to change. Change leads to growth, and the first faith step is a made-up mind in Christ. Our minds really are the battlefields!
      Second, they realized that doing something fairly scary for the first time would not only be easier, but even enjoyable if they took the outstretched arm of one who was already a skilled skier. This took a certain amount of humility. It was necessary to admit that they needed help. Moving a mountain or getting a skier down that mountain safely is nothing compared to changing our selfish, proud, ambitious and destructive hearts. To take another's arm also took faith in that person. Will they catch me when I fall? Will they have the patience if I can't do this even an hour from now? Will they ridicule me and expose my weaknesses in front of others? Will they ever help me with anything again after this? These are questions we never need to worry about when it comes to Jesus! The reason we can have faith in Him is because His character is that of faithfulness. Not our character, not that of the noblest Christian we know, but the character of Christ. He is faithful always and in everything. It is because of His faithfulness we can resist the temptation to measure ourselves against people who seem more gifted for example. Over and over Jesus tells us  "You can trust Me!"
      Thirdly, when they fell they got up again! If you have ever been in a trial you may be all too familiar with how much effort it sometimes takes just to lift your head and look up, let alone to move your entire being in the right direction. We must possess the faith to get up again, and again, and again. But where and how do we get this faith? At times it feels as if God is demanding it of us. Is there a clear-cut path to being faith-filled? Yes! The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Rom. 10:17). It is also a gift of God that is freely ours (1 Cor. 12:9). Faith grows much like a muscle --it must be tested against resistance. Jesus says we have enough faith if we believe in Him (Matt. 17:20), so there goes that excuse! The object of faith is Christ (John 6:28-29), not anything else.
      We have learned so much during our weekend together and had amazing opportunities to share and bond both with laughter and tears. One thing that sticks out, however, is that failure does not have to be final. By faith the things we hope for actually have substance to them --there is evidence to those things that we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1). The challenge we are left with is this: Will we choose to step out in faith in Jesus next time there is a fork in the road? And if not, why not?    Monika Miko, Detroit

Youth at the Detroit Church on Sunday morning

The weekend of February 4th, 2005, the young people of our Hungarian Baptist Churches met in Detroit, Michigan for a ski weekend. We came from New York, Chicago, Cleveland, California, and even Florida. We were graciously hosted by the Papp and Miko families and the Detroit church. They provided us with delicious meals and places to sleep and socialize. We managed to pack quite a bit into our short but wonderful weekend together. Our activities included skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and a super bowl party. Some of us bravely tried these sports for the first time!
      (We can happily report no injuries.) We had our own praise service and discussion groups Saturday evening and attended the Detroit church Sunday morning. The weekend was fantastic and enriching on so many levels. It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to connect with other Christian young people- to pray and sing together, to enjoy and encourage each other. We feel strengthened and renewed and look forward to our next opportunity to be together.   Laura I. Szalay, New York

Brakes and Faith

The weekend in Detroit was a great experience for me. There was something interesting done every day. On Friday there was bowling, on Saturday there was skiing, on Sunday there was church, ice-skating, and the Super Bowl Party. But sadly, on Monday, there were goodbyes to friends. The thing I would like to write about would be the skiing.
      Saturday was sunny, bright and about 50 degrees. At first, everything was going well for me. I was on the "bunny slopes" (the easiest slopes there), and I was having a great time. But after lunch I decided to try a more hmmmm, how should I say, challenging slope. When I got to the top, at first, I was so scared I thought I would stay on the mountaintop until closing time. But I gathered up the little courage I had and skied down, down, and down. I fell once the first time down, and if you know anything about skiing, you know how difficult it is (it's difficult for me anyways) to stand up and not continue skiing down the mountain. That first time, I ended up squatting/skiing down the mountain and looked very foolish. I tried going down again, and this time fell down twice. By this time I was very frustrated about why I couldn't ski down a slope. I skied down again, but it was no better. I decided to give up, but then, my guardian angel came wearing a yellow and black jacket. Good old Korry.
      He persuaded me to go up once again, but this time he would be helping me. Well, he tried explaining the basics of braking to me, and I thought I was doing it right, but I fell down the mountain three times and the last fall being very painful.
      Now I was definitely going to give up, no matter what anyone said or did to me. But when Korry wants to help, you know he won't give up, so I agreed to go down the mountain one... last... time... And this time, I listened to Korry and learned how to brake, and I didn't fall down once! I was very happy, and I had a great time for the rest of the day. But the important lesson I learned was this: I didn't actually believe Korry until I was ready to give up.
      After I tried it his way, I had a great time. This is kind of like faith. We usually don't believe God can help us in our troubles until we are ready to give up. But this shouldn't be our approach. We should go to Him always in everything first, and if we do that, we'll be much better off and won't fall quite as much.    Rebecca Demeter, Chicago

Egy j�, kiad�s siel�s ut�n, valahol Detroit k�rny�k�n

When I first decided to go on this trip, I was looking forward to seeing my friends, getting to know new people, and most of all, learning how to snowboard. I guess you could say that the spiritual aspect of the trip didn't really cross my mind. After arriving Friday night, and a few hours of bowling, we arrived back at the house where Korry had a devotion planned for us. Once Korry started talking about faith, I really felt that God wanted me to hear this; God was speaking to me. Since starting my senior year in high school, I've had trouble deciding what kind of school I want to go to, and what kind of career I want. After all, the school I decide to go to will help me become what I want to be. It's been difficult to decide on a school because I really don't know what my major should be. I have been reading my Bible and praying to God about it for a long time and still feel like I haven't gotten an answer from Him. At times I've felt like giving up prayer and I started losing faith thinking that God isn't there. I knew that when "faith" was the topic of the weekend, God definitely wanted to get a message across to me. He told me not to worry, but keep my faith in Him and He will lead me in the right direction and tell me which way to go. I came home with such a comforting feeling knowing that God really is listening to me, knows my needs, and is telling me to be patient. I am very thankful that I was able to go on this trip and I had a lot of fun throughout the weekend. I encourage those who weren't able to make it this year to go next year.   Abigail Szabo, Chicago

Csoportk�p a korcsolyap�lya mellett

Nagyon �r�ltem, amikor megtudtam, hogy r�szt vehetek a Detroiti s�el�sen, melyre febru�r 4-től l 7-ig ker�lt sor. Legnagyobb �lm�nyem az volt, hogy annyi fiatal k�zt t�lthettem el a h�tv�g�t. Mindenhol �s mindenben egy�tt voltunk, egy�tt t�lthett�nk minden percet - teljes sz�vemből v�gytam erre az egys�gre.
      A p�ntek est�t �nekl�ssel �s bibliatanulm�nyoz�ssal t�lt�tt�k el. A hit volt az eg�sz h�tv�g�nek a t�m�ja. Gestner Korn�l elmondta a fiataloknak, hogy az im�ds�g nagy hitet ig�nyel. Ez nagyon meg�rintett engem, mert val�ban nagy hit kell ahhoz, hogy mi, mai fiatalok kitartsunk az im�ds�gban, m�g akkor is, ha nem kapunk r�gt�n v�laszt, vagy nem l�tunk semmi eredm�nyt. Az �r arra tan�tott engem, hogy legyek erősebb hitemben, mert Ő meghallgat engem, de nekem hinnem kell, hogy ezt igaz�n megteszi. Az �r Jeremi�s 33:3-ban azt mondja, hogy: "Ki�lts hozz�m, �s megfelelek, �s nagy dolgokat mondok n�ked, �s megfoghatatlanokat, amelyeket nem tudsz." Milyen csod�latos, hogy Isten, aki ezt az eg�sz vil�got teremtette, ilyen k�zel van hozz�nk �s meg�ld minket, ha hisz�nk. �ld�s volt Stejanko Eric jelenl�te is k�z�tt�nk, akit felhaszn�lt az �r a fiatalokhoz int�zett besz�d�ben. Ő arr�l sz�lt, hogy hittel tegy�k le minden aggodalmunkat az �r el�, mert csak �gy nyilv�nulhat meg az Isten akarata a mi �let�nkben. Engem p�ld�ul azzal is meg�ldott az �r ezen a h�tv�g�n, hogy hinni tudtam abban, hogy meg fogok tanulni snowboardozni, legal�bb egy kicsit. Isten seg�ts�ge �ltal ez meg is t�rt�nt. Igaz, sokszor elestem, de soha nem adtam fel, hanem fel�lltam �s �jb�l kezdetem az eg�szet.
      Az �r nagyon meg�ldott minket, fiatalokat �s persze vezetőinket is, akik az eg�sz h�tv�g�t szervezt�k. K�sz�nj� azoknak a csal�doknak �s a detroiti gy�lekezetnek, hogy fogadtak benn�nket �s gondoskodtak r�lunk az eg�sz h�tv�g�n. Szeretn�m, ha m�g sok ilyen ifj�s�gi tal�lkoz�nk lenne a j�vőben is, mely m�g jobban elm�ly�ten� az egys�get k�z�tt�nk.
      Nagyon h�l�s vagyok az �rnak, hogy lehetőv� tette ezt a h�tv�g�t az amerikai magyar fiatalok r�sz�re, �s az �n sz�momra is. Az�rt im�dkozom, hogy mindenkinek maradjon a sz�v�ben, amit Isten Ig�j�vel a Szentl�lek seg�ts�ge �ltal ezen a csod�latos h�tv�g�n elv�gzett!  Johanna Veres, Cleveland

More pictures:

DETROITI IFJ�S�GI TAL�LKOZ� 2004. november 13-14.

A szerkesztő v�rja a fiatalok �r�sait a tal�lkoz�val kapcsolatban.

N�h�ny f�nyk�p a tal�lkoz�r�l:

Az Altered �s az Every Thursday egy�ttes vezeti szombat este az �nekl�st

Szolg�lattevők: jobb oldalt a k�t zenekar, majd Gerstner Korn�l, Dan L�szl�, Luk�cs J�nos, Kulcs�r Attila, (nem l�that�:) Pardi F�lix, Mik� Istv�n �s a helyi lelkip�sztor.

Detroitiak a szombati vacsopra felszolg�l�sa előtt

Janu�r utols� h�tv�ge sokak �ltal ismert terveknek adott lehet�s�get. �t gy�lekezetb�l 25 fiatal vett r�szt a h�tv�gi s�t�r�n, a New York �llamban lev� Peek'n Peak rezerv�tumban. Gy�ny�r� hely, rengeteg h�, s�el�sre alkalmas id� volt. 
      Sz�ll�sra h�rom lakr�szt b�relt�nk 3-3 szob�val, konyh�val �s hangulatos kandall�s t�rsalg�val (ahol az �h�tatokat tartottuk).
      Volt aki m�r p�ntek d�lut�n kipr�b�lta a s�p�ly�t, m�sok szombat reggel "gyakoroltak". T�bben voltak, akik felb�torodva, el�sz�r k�t�ttek s�l�cet a l�bukra. Est�re mindannyian profik voltunk saj�t kateg�ri�nkban, k�l�n�sebb baleset n�lk�l. Kicsit sz�gletesedett ugyan a fej�nk a sok es�st�l, de Istennek legyen h�la, meg�rz�tt. Szombaton este a kimer�lts�g �s az izoml�zt�l �gybazuhanva ringat�s n�lk�l elaludtunk.
      Vas�rnap reggel az �h�tat ut�n nem maradt m�s h�tra a b�cs�zkod�s el�tt, csak hogy meg�nnepelj�k a h�tv�ge eredm�nyeit egy k�zeli �tteremben.
      K�l�n megeml�tem ifi vezet�ink szorgalmas munk�j�t. Kulcs�r Zsolti minden lehet�s�get megragadott, hogy olcs�bb� �s eml�kezetesebb� tegye a kir�ndul�st. Gerstner Korry is h�s�gesen v�gezte szolg�lat�t. � volt, aki minden reggel �s este h�na alatt a t�skanagys�g� bibli�val �tballagott a szomsz�dos lakoszt�lyra, ahol igyekezett figyelm�nket az ige fel� ford�tani
      A h�tv�g�r�l mindannyian elmondhatjuk, hogy j� volt nek�nk egy�tt a hegyen �s a s�l�cen lefel� is vigy�zni egym�sra. Arra a k�rd�sre, hogy kinek mi tetszett, a k�vetkez�k hangzottak el:
      - �r�l�k, hogy kellemes, sz�p id� volt;
      - j� volt megtapasztalni az ima erej�t, hogy komoly balesetekt�l meg�vott Isten;
      - j� t�rsas�g alakult ki;
      - �r�l�k, hogy nem kellett v�rni m�g n�gy h�napot egy ifital�lkoz�ra.
K�sz�nj�k mindazoknak, akik im�dkoztak �rt�nk �s anyagilag is seg�ts�g�l voltak nek�nk.
                Pap Enik�

First of all, we would like to say thank you so much for allowing each of us to go and to spend a special weekend together. I know it was a great sacrifice in many ways; thank you for your help. I know many people were praying for us, especially that weekend.
      Zsolt Kulcsar and Tibi Boda organized this trip. 25 of us, from five different Hungarian churches, had the opportunity to spend a weekend together in New York state, close to the Pennsylvania and New York border -  Peek'n Peak resort -, where we not only had a time of fellowship and bible studies, but we could also enjoy the beautiful winter weather as we were skiing and snow-boarding.
      It was snowing everyday, so we got fresh snow all the time. God's creation was beautiful. Often we just marveled as we saw the untouched snow on a pine tree. There were times when the snow was almost two feet thick on the bough.
      Each day we had one or two devotional time(s), when we studied God's Word, talked about it and prayed. It was great to see and experience His immediate answers for our prayer. On Sunday, we asked everybody what he or she liked the most. The majority of the answers were  "we could see each other again."
      We could have not done this without your help, so behalf of the Hungarian youth groups, I would like to say again, thank you so much for your generosity and prayer support.
             Korry Gerstner




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